2017 Digital Trends
5 March 2017

5 Important Trends in Digital Marketing

5 March 2017,

Keep Your Eye on These Trends in 2017 In the digital world, it is important to recognize trends. I see many “experts” latching onto […]

24 June 2015

Your Favorite Websites: Then and Now

24 June 2015,

Enjoy this video showing how some of the world’s favorite websites have changed–especially the way they look!

mobile responsive design examples
29 April 2015

Ready for Google’s Mobile-Apocalypse?

29 April 2015,

New Google Ranking Update Rewards Mobile-Friendly Websites The future of the Internet is literally in the hands of mobile users. And, Google knows it. […]

26 February 2015

New “Net Neutrality” Regs from the FCC: What Do They Mean For You?

26 February 2015,

Today, the FCC voted on new regulations that would in essence put the Internet under Federal jurisdiction. Although the picture is not clear yet, […]

31 August 2014

Top Search Engine Optimized E-Commerce Websites

31 August 2014,

Using the search engines to drive traffic to websites is a primary goal of most e-marketers on the Web. But, how much traffic do […]