Digital Advertising for Small Business
29 October 2015

5 Online Advertising Mediums that Work

29 October 2015,

 Digital Advertising Options Delivering Big Results to Small Business Paid advertising within the digital media offers many opportunities for businesses. It is a […]

28 October 2015

Ask Janet: What is “Remarketing?”

28 October 2015,

When You Really Want a Second (or Third) Chance to Make That Sale How many times have you wished that you could have a […]

1 September 2015

LinkedIn Advertising for B-to-B Marketers

1 September 2015,

7 Advertising Choices to Build Business-to-Business Sales LinkedIn advertising offers a singular benefit—the ability to target potential customers in the business world on the […]

setting a digital marketing budget
29 April 2015

Ask Janet: About Digital Marketing Budgeting

29 April 2015,

How Much Should I Budget for Online Marketing? This is a question that has vexed many business owners, and, of course, there is no […]

25 April 2015

8 Ways Businesses Can Benefit from Facebook

25 April 2015,

Free and Paid Ways to Maximize the Value of Your Business’s Facebook Account Facebook now has more users than China has people, and the […]