3 January 2012

How to Get the Most Value from Pay-Per-Click Advertising

3 January 2012,

Improve the Effectiveness and Profitability of Your Pay-Per-Click Campaigns How do you get the most from your Google AdWords or other pay-per-click campaigns? #1. […]

LinkedIn Advertising
3 May 2011

LinkedIn: An Expanding Opportunity for B-to-B Marketers

3 May 2011,

Is LinkedIn Business Networking the Advertising Medium for You? When the LinkedIn IPO was announced, many stock market analysts opined that even the $45/share […]

2 February 2011

Stand Out From the Competition with a Strong Offer

2 February 2011,

Give Visitors a Compelling Offer with a Strong Call to Action The Internet is changing how small business does business. Today, a key component […]

2 June 2010

The time is NOW for Local Businesses to “Seize the Day!”

2 June 2010,

Search Engines Expand Opportunities for Local Businesses When I started my Internet marketing business back in 2002, I targeted small businesses with a national […]

2 September 2009

3 Steps to OWNING Your Local Market

2 September 2009,

Use Multiple Online Media to Present Your Marketing Message The days of driving local business by simply having the biggest Yellow Pages ad are […]