29 June 2014

Does Your Company Have a Profile Page on LinkedIn?

29 June 2014,

Many smaller businesses—and especially local businesses—are missing an important marketing opportunity. They do not have a profile page for their company on LinkedIn. A […]

1 November 2010

How Do I Get Rid Of Those Bad Reviews?

1 November 2010,

How to Manage Your Company’s Online Reputation This is a question I am being asked more and more frequently. A negative review originally posted […]

2 September 2009

3 Steps to OWNING Your Local Market

2 September 2009,

Use Multiple Online Media to Present Your Marketing Message The days of driving local business by simply having the biggest Yellow Pages ad are […]

8 December 2008

12 Days, 12 Ways

8 December 2008,

12 Days of Great Internet Marketing Ideas Day 1—Competitor Research Take a look at what your online competitors are doing. To do this, you […]