2017 Digital Trends
5 March 2017

5 Important Trends in Digital Marketing

5 March 2017,

Keep Your Eye on These Trends in 2017 In the digital world, it is important to recognize trends. I see many “experts” latching onto […]

25 August 2016

Scam Alert: How to Recognize “Black Hat” SEO

25 August 2016,

Protect Your Website and Your Wallet from Unscrupulous Swindlers With almost 15 years in the SEO business, new clients have brought 1st Click Consulting […]

26 April 2016

6 Ways Your Web Host May Be Suppressing Your Search Engine Rankings

26 April 2016,

Could Your Rankings Improve with a New Web Host? When a new client approaches me about taking on the search engine optimization of their […]

26 April 2016

Do You Need a Mobile-Responsive Solution?

26 April 2016,

There Are Alternatives You May Not Have Considered Mobile responsiveness has become important. It is important if you want to be visible on the […]

3 March 2016

A Glossary of Digital Marketing Terms

3 March 2016,

What Every Business Owner Should Know Bounce Rate This is one of the most important numbers that professionals use for gauging the first impression […]

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