26 June 2015

Why is Buying SEO Like Buying a Car?

26 June 2015,

What does SEO cost? Actually, the easier question is: What is the value of SEO?  But, both questions are best answered with another question. […]

Content Marketing is the future of marketing.
25 June 2015

Ask Janet: What Is Content Marketing? Why Is It the “Future of Marketing?”

25 June 2015,

Content marketing is a term that refers to things like this article—information presented in some online medium that is relevant to a business and […]

search engine rankings
23 June 2015

21 Search Engine Ranking Factors You Can’t Ignore

23 June 2015,

I think you will find this article from Website Magazine to be helpful in evaluating the areas where your website may be failing. Read […]

setting a digital marketing budget
29 April 2015

Ask Janet: About Digital Marketing Budgeting

29 April 2015,

How Much Should I Budget for Online Marketing? This is a question that has vexed many business owners, and, of course, there is no […]

mobile responsive design examples
29 April 2015

Ready for Google’s Mobile-Apocalypse?

29 April 2015,

New Google Ranking Update Rewards Mobile-Friendly Websites The future of the Internet is literally in the hands of mobile users. And, Google knows it. […]

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