2 September 2015

Social Media Marketing with LinkedIn

2 September 2015,

Five Ways to Leverage the Social Media Tools on LinkedIn LinkedIn now has several ways to engage in social media. There are avenues for […]

1 September 2015

LinkedIn Advertising for B-to-B Marketers

1 September 2015,

7 Advertising Choices to Build Business-to-Business Sales LinkedIn advertising offers a singular benefit—the ability to target potential customers in the business world on the […]

26 June 2015

Why is Buying SEO Like Buying a Car?

26 June 2015,

What does SEO cost? Actually, the easier question is: What is the value of SEO?  But, both questions are best answered with another question. […]

Content Marketing is the future of marketing.
25 June 2015

Ask Janet: What Is Content Marketing? Why Is It the “Future of Marketing?”

25 June 2015,

Content marketing is a term that refers to things like this article—information presented in some online medium that is relevant to a business and […]

23 June 2015

How Internet Marketing Turned a Small Restaurant into a Tamale Success

23 June 2015,

This article from Web Marketing Today is a testament to the value of adding e-commerce to a website designed to bring customers to your […]

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