28 February 2015

Why a Business Needs an Internet Marketing Consultant

28 February 2015,

1st Click Consulting offers a monthly consulting package that provides traffic and ranking reports, pay-per-click advertising monitoring and reports and the opportunity to keep […]

27 December 2014

Do You “Pin?” Should You Be on Pinterest?

27 December 2014,

Pinterest is an incredible success story among the biggest social media websites. In less than 5 years, it has grown to have 53 million […]

26 December 2014

Does Your Website Have What It Takes to Succeed in 2015?

26 December 2014,

There are myriad elements that go into good search engine optimization (SEO), but recently Google (in particular) has begun to favor particular website technology, […]

content marketing infographic
24 October 2014

What is Content Marketing?

24 October 2014,

┬áContent marketing is a broad term that refers to the unique online opportunity to communicate with potential customers by consistently providing them with […]

30 August 2014

Five Best Practices for Website Content

30 August 2014,

It was nearly 20 years ago that the Internet became a channel for commercial communication. In that time, business websites have evolved and those […]

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