30 June 2014

Video Marketing: A Memorable & Compelling Medium

30 June 2014,

I recently read an article that said that research has shown that a one-minute video is worth 1.8 million words. The article also cited […]

29 June 2014

Does Your Company Have a Profile Page on LinkedIn?

29 June 2014,

Many smaller businesses—and especially local businesses—are missing an important marketing opportunity. They do not have a profile page for their company on LinkedIn. A […]

15 April 2014

4 Online Ad Channels for Shoestring Marketers

15 April 2014,

SPEND LESS THAN $150 PER MONTH If your business has tried newspaper or television ads, direct mail, the Yellow Pages, or door hangers to […]

1 April 2014

1st Click Celebrates 12 Years!

1 April 2014,

1st Click Consulting today celebrates 12 years serving small and mid-sized businesses with Internet marketing and SEO advice and assistance. We are proud to […]

25 January 2014

YouTube Tips

25 January 2014,

How Can I Use YouTube to Build My Business? Video is one of the most powerful ways to connect with potential customers. And, YouTube […]

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