3 November 2009
3 November 2009,
Could Event Marketing Increase Your Profits?

Event marketing has been a tried and true method of marketing for many types of businesses for decades. Professionals and service-oriented businesses have offered free (or paid) seminars to the public. Organizations have brought in well-known speakers to attract new members. Retailers offer demonstrations of how to use their products. These and many other types of events offer excellent opportunities to attract those who might buy a product or service.

Presenting your invitation through email is less expensive than a mailed invitation; it also can easily be forwarded to friends and colleagues that might have an interest in the event. Email makes your event viral!

Constant Contact has just released a new event marketing module, and it is a great product. The module allows you to email a customized invitation, and links to a customizable registration page and another page for event details.

The registration page allows you to capture any information that you want. For example, you can ask participants to let you know what they want in their box lunch. Or which sessions of your conference they are most interested in attending. Or, if your event is being held on several days, which day they would like to attend.

If there is a charge for the event, you can take a credit card payment through PayPal.

There is also a page for event information, including location maps, etc. This is especially helpful for those who do not have content management systems on their own websites. You can simply add a link from your website to this page, and as more information becomes available, it can be easily edited on this page.

Perhaps the most valuable aspect of the new module, though, is the ability to automatically have all registrants included in a distribution list. So, it is easy to send emailed reminders, changes in event details, etc. to those who have registered for the event.

Cost for the module is just an additional $15 per month for up to 5 open events at a time. The fee goes up incrementally for more events. So, a company with a less than 2500 contacts in its database, for example, would pay a total of $45 per month for the email system and the base event marketing module. By prepaying for a year, you can get a 15% discount.

If you are interested in more information, or a demonstration of either of these event marketing modules, give me a call at 720-341-6336 or 210-392-5649.

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