1 November 2012
1 November 2012,
14 Web Marketing Channels with Opportunities for Your Business

Are there online marketing opportunities that you are missing? Have you tried all of the different channels for marketing your business on the Internet? Look at the list below. If you see something you would like to investigate further, give me a call at either 720-341-6336 (in Denver) or 210-392-5649 (in San Antonio).

Online Marketing Channels

1. Search Engines

2. Email

3. Videos

4. Webinars

5. Photos or Images (through Pinterest or the search engines)

6. Social Media Networking (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter & YouTube, etc.)

7. Blogging and Forums (either on your own site, or a blogging site like Tumblr or forum like Quora)

8. Location-based Social Media (like Four Square or Yelp)

9. Pay-per-click Advertising

10. Display Advertising

11. Coupon Advertising (like Groupon, Amazon Local, Google Offers and more)

12. Affiliate Marketing

13. Mobile App Marketing

14. PR (or Buzz) Marketing

You probably recognize that there is overlap between many of these. Sometimes that overlap represents a “sweet spot” of opportunity.

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