Website Design That Attracts Visitors and Search Engines Alike

To compete in the online environment, even small businesses need attractive, compelling, and interactive websites that are designed to appeal to humans and search engine spiders alike.

Professional website design is important because the Internet is a hyper-competitive environment. In many ways, it is similar to being in the same wing of a mall with all of your toughest competitors. It is just too easy for the potential customer to visit a competitor if your website doesn’t measure up. It must immediately grab his/her attention and include marketing messages that help the visitor understand why your company is best to meet their needs.

It’s not enough to have a website design that is pleasing to the eye. You must also engage your visitors and draw them into multiple pages of your website—especially the pages that serve to close a sale or bring you a new lead.

A professional website design is also valuable for building search engine rankings. Search engines evaluate the relevancy of your website to individual keyword search phrases on the basis of the visitor activity. If, for example, all of your visitors leave the website after just a few seconds, the search engines will assume that your website has little to offer to people using that keyword phrase. And, your website will often drop in the search rankings.

An effective website design combines attractive graphic design, compelling photography, a strong brand identity, persuasive marketing messages, and powerful website usability and sales conversion strategies—packaged in an SEO-friendly web development platform that makes it easy to keep the information on your website fresh.