23 August 2017
23 August 2017,

Have you ever purchased a car without an engine and tried to take it for a spin? Have you taken your truck out on the road with an empty gas tank and expected it to get you to work?

Contracting for the creation of a new website, and planning to invest in SEO later makes even less sense. SEO is what makes a website hum.

Engines and gasoline are needed components of a working car or truck, but they can be added at any time. SEO must be integrated into every aspect of the website–the navigational structure, the images used, the text, the interactive elements, the branding, as well as factors that affect page download speed, usability, and sales conversion. (There is no point in bringing a potential customer to a website if you can’t generate a lead or sale from the visit.)

Often small and mid-size companies are tempted to skip an investment in search engine optimization when building a new website. Sometimes the plan is to add SEO to the website later. That is a mistake.

The process of building a website is a great opportunity to implement an SEO strategy and make sure that the new website is optimized to execute all appropriate marketing strategies–search engine marketing, social media, mobile, email, and online advertising, including remarketing.

SEO is not an add-on. It is what makes a website a valuable marketing tool. If you are planning to revamp or redesign your company’s website, give 1st Click Consulting a call to discuss a complete web design package including SEO and branding assistance. It’s the best business investment you can make.

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