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 Janet and 1st Click Consulting are awesome!! I have been working with Janet for three years. If it weren’t for her. I know I wouldn’t be as successful as I am. When I met Janet, business was VERY slow. I knew I had to do something, and I knew that what I had been doing on my own wasn’t working. Three years after having Janet create my website and manage my online advertising, I couldn’t be happier. I have made a lot of money and I have more business than I know what to do with. All I had to do was listen to Janet and follow her advice. She knows what she is doing!! Thank you!!

Becky Houghton, was launched in June 2010, and began to enjoy steady web traffic as a result of Page 1 and 2 positions on Google and Bing almost immediately

A collaborative effort of 1st Click Consulting and web designer Armgardt Design, the site is a prime example of what a simple, 6-page site can do if it is well-optimized for search engines and the target market.

Our goal in designing the site was to create an attractive, but unintimidating, site that would appeal to Colorado women. Studies show that changing hair stylists is stressful for most women, so it was important that the site make potential new clients comfortable with Becky. Houghton’s clientele is primarily in the age range 25-55, and she specializes in cuts, color and hair extensions. She recently added Brazilian Blowouts to her list of services.

To encourage prospects to give her a try, 1st Click Consulting recommended that Houghton offer a choice of two different first-time customer “freebies.” Instead of a discounted haircut, which might attract too many who are just looking for a one-time cheap cut, Becky’s website offers either a special deep-conditioning or a shine-enhancing hair treatment. Both are little luxuries that most would not normally treat themselves to. And, because she includes these in her menu of services, it is easy to value these offers. For first-time Brazilian Blowout customers, she offers aftercare products valued at $70 retail free of charge.

The site is designed for Internet marketing both in its public content and its behind the scenes technology. The site is created in standard HTML and does not include a content management system.

The dynamic images on the home page are created not in Adobe Flash, but rather change dynamically as a result of a small javascript code. This makes the page easier and faster for the search engines to index. In addition, the headline “Custom Cuts and Color in Highlands Ranch” is not part of an image, which the search engines could not “read,” but rather standard text formatted in this way as part of the site’s stylesheet.

The content of the site was created around six keyword phrases, one for each page of the site. Additional related phrases were also incorporated into the page text. As an example, the home page targeted the phrase “hair stylist Highlands Ranch CO,” with “best hair stylist Highlands Ranch” as a related target. The site now ranks on page 1 for “hair stylist Highlands Ranch CO” on both Google and Bing. For “best hair stylist Highlands Ranch” the site has a page 1 position on Google and a page 2 ranking on Bing.

1st Click Consulting manages both Google AdWords campaigns and an advertising program with Yelp for Becky Houghton Studio. Combined with her attractive website and strong offers, these have brought her a continuing stream of new clients.