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In early 2010, 1st Click Consulting began to help the owners of Grand Slam Courts market their business online. Grand Slam Courts is the San Antonio distributor for Sport Court brand modular outdoor surfacing, and the company also builds standard concrete pad and post-tension concrete courts for tennis, basketball and multi-sport use. Their clients include commercial businesses like hotels, resorts, apartment complexes, schools, and churches, as well individuals who want to add a court surface to their backyard.

Grand Slam Courts had moved their web site management and hosting to Full Fusion, a well-established San Antonio web development company. The owners were interested in building a better search engine rankings, increasing their website traffic, getting more for their investment in pay-per-click Internet advertising and improving their conversion rate when potential customers visited their site.

Although some elements of the old site were maintained, 1st Click Consulting worked with Full Fusion to re-organize the site and 1st Click Consulting created new search engine optimized content. Content for the site was developed to provide the information that search engines users look for. New images were added to some pages of the site, and the site was improved to take advantage of interactive applications like the “Court Builder” available through Sport Court’s website.

In addition, we added the offer of a package of sports equipment, a $400 value, with the purchase of a new court. This gives the Grand Slam Courts site something that none of its competitors has.

The results have been very good. During the first year following our work, overall website traffic increased 55%. More importantly, unpaid search engine traffic increased 455%! By mid-2011, the company was being found by Google and Bing search engine users for more than 200 keyword phrases. At the time 1st Click Consulting became involved in this marketing project, Grand Slam Courts was spending an average of $150 per month on pay-per-click advertising to get about 50 visitor/prospects (an average cost of $3 per click). With help from 1st Click Consulting , Grand Slam Courts total pay-per-click cost was reduced to $50, which brought them 41 visitor/prospects—a reduction of 146% in cost per click.

In 2015, the above new design for their website was launched, and strategies were put in place to ensure that the company’s investment in SEO and online marketing was preserved, so the company can continue to thrive and prosper.