Informative Content that is Valuable to Search Engines and Visitors

SEO copywriting is the process of creating website content around the most popular keyword search phrases relevant to your business.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) begins with keyword and competitive research. Which words and phrases are your potential customers using to find your site? What synonyms are commonly used? Are people using descriptive words like “best,” “top,” “popular” along with product or service keywords? Are they searching for brands by name? Are they looking for testimonials, reviews, or “info?” Are there phrases that suggest that the customer has made a decision and is ready to buy? Experienced SEO professionals like 1st Click Consulting can sort through this data to determine the phrases that will perform best for you—including which phrases are being targeted by your competition.

This research guides the building of your website and your social media footprint. By reverse-engineering a website’s navigational structure and content to address what search engine users are looking for, your website will be recognized by the search engines as relevant to search phrases used by prospective customers. You can be sure that if human visitors to your site have problems identifying your company's specialties by reading the text on the page, the search engines will have the same problem.

Similarly, SEO copywriting can enhance the value of your social media efforts, so that it builds credibility for your company and traffic for your website.

Excellent SEO copywriting is not a matter of “keyword stuffing.” The best examples include keyword phrases in ways that serve website visitors and search engines alike. In fact, when relevant phrases are placed in highly visible positions on a web page, the visitor’s ability to scan the page and identify the information they seeking is enhanced.