Give Mobile Device Users a Mobile-Friendly Website

Smart phones, tablets and netbooks are being used by increasing numbers of your website visitors. A recent Google survey found that 79% of them will go back to search to find a more mobile-friendly website if your site is not optimized for mobile use.

Another study found that more than 80% of small businesses that invest in mobile marketing see increased business as a result.

Successful mobile marketing requires a website designed for the slower speeds and smaller screens typical of mobile devices. Depending upon the way that customers interact with your site, you may choose to either create a separate website designed for mobile devices or use a website with a design responsive to the visitor’s computer, tablet or phone.

Mobile marketing success also requires a marketing strategy that takes advantage of the websites and web applications that mobile users favor to broaden the reach of your marketing message.

A mobile marketing strategy may include social media, retail promotions, location-based marketing, review websites, and pay-per-click advertising. Developing a marketing strategy customized to the nature of your business, your customer profile, and your competitive environment is as important to your success as the creation of a mobile-friendly website.