With Pay-Per-Click Advertising and Online Retail Promotions, Get Results Today!

With most efforts to build website traffic and online sales, it is difficult to get fast results. If you are in a competitive Internet arena, it takes time and effort to improve natural search rankings through SEO. However, with online advertising, you can bring targeted traffic to your website almost immediately!

Online advertising delivers a high degree of accountability and tracking--unlike traditional advertising media. You get reports on the number of people who viewed your ad and the number who were interested enough to visit your website. With web analysis software, you can even determine whether those visits resulted in sales.

While it is possible to generate website traffic from online advertising in a single day, maximizing the profitability of your Internet advertising requires on-going monitoring and testing. 1st Click Consulting monitors click-thru and conversion rates. We watch the ranking of your ads and adjust the bids periodically to maintain a profitable position. And, we test a variety of ad texts and landing page content to determine which generate leads and sales at the highest possible rate.

Retail promotions through companies like Groupon, LivingSocial or Amazon Local are another way to build sales online. For many local retailers, mobile marketing offers a great advertising opportunity.

As with pay-per-click advertising, your ads can be targeted to search engine users within a small geographic area near your store or office—or to the whole English-speaking world! Or create ads and website landing pages in different languages to reach foreign or ESL markets important to your business.

For assistance with local, national and international Internet advertising, request an online advertising proposal from 1st Click Consulting.