Begin a Dialog with Your Blog and Corporate Blogging Services

A blog should be a part of nearly every company’s website. A blog platform offers the opportunity to disseminate timely company news, advice, and broader information of interest to the company’s customer base. Blogs are designed to encourage comments from website visitors and offer the opportunity to answer customer questions and improve customer service.

A blog is a key element in any search engine marketing and social media strategy. 1st Click Consulting recommends using WordPress as the base content management system for your website, since it is a sophisticated blogging platform, as well. There are also credible blogging plug-ins available for Joomla-based websites.

It is important to continually expand and refresh the information on your website, and a blog is a good way to do that. A blog’s unique ability to categorize, date, and archive postings makes it ideal for building quality website content.

It is easy to set up your blog so that postings are disseminated through social media websites. Interesting blog postings created with your market in mind will increase your social media fans, followers, etc.

It is important to create a content strategy and branded voice for your blog. 1st Click Consulting can assist you by either training someone on your staff to develop a consistent blog voice and content, or we can create blog postings for you.