26 June 2015

Why is Buying SEO Like Buying a Car?

26 June 2015,

What does SEO cost? Actually, the easier question is: What is the value of SEO?  But, both questions are best answered with another question. […]

mobile responsive design examples
29 April 2015

Ready for Google’s Mobile-Apocalypse?

29 April 2015,

New Google Ranking Update Rewards Mobile-Friendly Websites The future of the Internet is literally in the hands of mobile users. And, Google knows it. […]

1 July 2014

Why Internet Marketing Out-Performs Mass Media

1 July 2014,

It happens a lot. I talk with a potential client and present them with a quote for initial work on a new website—or an […]

9 July 2012

How Can Small Businesses Find Cost-Effective SEO Services?

9 July 2012,

1st Click Consulting Can Benefit Small Businesses–Even When They Are 1000’s of Miles Away! It started with a question from a 1st Click Works […]

30 August 2011

Why Quality is the Key to Good SEO

30 August 2011,

How to Become a Quality Company with a Quality Website in Google’s Eyes Search Engine Optimization used to be largely about “tricks.” When I […]