2 September 2010
2 September 2010,
500 Million “Faces” Are Available!

Facebook has 500 MILLION users! You can bet that a significant number of your customers—and potential customers—are on Facebook.

A recent Morepace Omnibus Report found that the average Facebook user is a fan of nine Fan Pages, with 41% using Fan Pages to let their friends know what products they support.

The survey found that not only do consumers want to evangelize, they also see Facebook as an attractive alternative to email campaigns:
• 37% want to receive coupons and discount offers,
• 35% want to be notified of new product availability, and
• 31% want to learn more about the organization.
• Additionally, 28% join a company’s Fan Page to meet people with similar interests.

Facebook has quite a few plug-in applications that you can use to enhance your page. To create the tabs that many businesses use with their fan pages, though, you will need to use Facebook’s FBML code (similar to html). So, unless you have html proficiency, you may need help with that.

How can you get the most from your Facebook Fan Page? Optimize it! For example, you can add tabs for…
• Fans’ photos and videos, or to allow them to share information or reviews.
• Polls or customer suggestions.
• A welcome page that tells visitors about your Facebook page and encourages them to “like” it.
• Offers—or even limited ecommerce. There are some retailers that have built robust ecommerce applications into their Facebook page. For most small businesses, that investment would be too cost-prohibitive. But, it is not difficult to offer some “featured items” or “special offers” directly through the site.
• Promotion of events. These could be either company events or community events that your fan base would be interested in.
Some companies use their Facebook Fan Page as a second website or “microsite.” Use your website, your email, and any other advertising you do to promote your Facebook page.

Remember that your Facebook page is a great way to create a community of influencers. Give your fans exclusive content (something they really want!) and they will spread the word to their friends.

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