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27 October 2015
27 October 2015,

Best Tips from October 2015

Following are links to three articles I found interesting and helpful this past month.

The following article from Web Marketing Today tackles a topic that I find many of my clients struggle with–the importance of consistency in presenting the most basic information about your company–its Name, Address and Phone Number.

Why Consistency of “NAP” is Most Important in Local Search

WordPress is now the #1 website platform in the world, and the one I recommend to many clients. A key element in having a successful WordPress website is choosing the right “theme.” Themes provide not only a design template for a website, but include a number of functional elements, as well. The following article from Forbes Magazine is a good rundown of what several of the best paid WordPress themes offer.

10 Great Paid WordPress Themes for 2015

Successful online marketing requires both a unique skillset and particular personality traits and management style. Whether you manage your own digital advertising campaigns or would like to hire someone to manage your online marketing, I think you will find the following article from Entrepreneur to be eye-opening.

10 Traits of Successful Online Marketers




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